Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sehwag saves Sourav. And others.

by failing in this last odi against pakistan, sehwag has given sourav a last chance to extend his odi career. as far as we was concerned, a fifty from sehwag would have closed the door on dada. but it was not to be.

as it stands, in the eyes of the selectors, sourav will probably live to fight another day. or let's put it this way, the pressure is a wee bit lesser on sourav now to perform in the test matches. and he didn't have to do much for it.

a not quite cooked sehwag cooked his own goose by not taking the godsend opportunities he was given by the selectors to rediscover his form in the longer version of the odi game. as a result, sourav, in all probability will make the 11 for the first test match, at the expense of sehwag. and laxman.

after the just concluding odi series against pakistan, dravid will be heaving a sigh of relief. sourav's brow will be one furrowed less. and laxman's place in the test side will look a little more certain. all because sehwag hasn't yet found his mojo.

rahul, laxman, sourav, yuvraj and sehwag: 5 warriors. all competing fiercely for 3 places in the test side. TPR will be keeping a close eye on the proceedings. and our crystal balls. and then there's rohit sharma. who deserves an exclusive look at from TPR. the prospect of which, we are truly looking forward.

we really, really, really like what we see of the young lad. in an altogether nice way, of course. we think there's a bit of damien martyn, rahul dravid and ricky martin about him. and we mean that too in an altogether nice way, of course. if you know what we mean. and if you don't, please do watch this space. for TPR will be back. shortly.

PS: mind you, TPR thinks dada should do the honourable thing and retire from odmatches. and we sincerely hope he'll prove us wrong.

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