Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Salman Butt - Power Pak'd Performer

now that the odi series between pakistan and india is over, it's time for us to quickly say what we don't get an opportunity to say as often as we'd like to. we told you so.

we told you salman butt was going to perform well in the just finished odi series against india. the minute we saw him compile that little gem of a fifty in the first odi, despatching pathan, sreesanth and gang with minimum fuss through cover and other areas in the V, we knew this was going to be a special series for the handsome young man with shots that look almost as good as him.

shoaib malik would be well advised to cultivate this man and lean on him. for salman butt has a smart head on those broad shoulders of his. and it shows. most of all, it showed in his decision to give up the vice-captaincy to concentrate on his batting. it takes a courageous, ruthless, mature and ambitious young man to deny himself the quite significant honour of being second-in-command at such a young age - he's only 23.

consider very carefully the adjectives we are pinning on him. for these are the very same qualities that will stand him in good stead when he is one day offered the poisoned chalice of leading pakistan, as he most certainly will be.

the thing is, we somehow don't believe the gentle, simple and immensely talented shoaib malik is cut out for the job he has currently been entrusted with. if you were to ask us who we think will be leading pakistan in a year or two from now, we'd be inclined to plump for the shrewd butt.

and when (not if) that happens, we'll, once again, eagerly say what we don't get an opportunity to say as often as we'd like to. we told you so.

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