Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Guess Who - An Auld Game

the senior players can't get along with him. his methods have been described by a few as harebrained and unfathomable. it seems like his ego gets in the way. he has seen the departure of one very accomplished captain. he might oversee the departure of another accomplished-player captain. he is a former player who played with an almost overbearing sense of self-belief, which he tends to bring to his current job, unfortunately. people from within and without his cricketing circles have been calling for his head. remarkably enough, he has held his job for a lot longer than his record seems to justify it. he is not greg chappell. TRP, though, thinks he makes a very worthy case for being called the poor man's greg chappell. like many of his countrymen, he has a chip the size of australia on his shoulder with respect to the relative location and significance of the land he comes from. (no, he is not from pakistan, sri lanka or bangladesh.) what's common between him and greg chappell is john wright. another thing that might be common between him and greg chappell is that this man is very likely to show the finger to people he doesn't care much for. he was welcomed with much fanfare and great expectations. he has overstayed his welcome. Who is he? answer in comments.

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