Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Guess Who - An Auld Game

george orwell. apple. big brother. artist. braggart. baby. he's a ball of emotions. he can't play short-pitched bowling. but boy, can he play on the off-side. don't want to take tpr's word for it. just ask dravid. god. (that's another clue.) so how far we from deciphering tpr'a latest doosra? is the doosra a clue? no. oh, all right, let's keep going. he played pool with greg chappell. he played with, against and all around flintoff. off the record, dravid might have played against him. he first made a comeback with rahul dravid. he then made his debut with rahul dravid. he is the opposite of dravid. as far as tpr is concerned, he is the first man to give rebirth to another person. trust us. we know what we are saying. we were there. and we saw him give rebirth to a kicking, screaming, spinning harbhajan singh. tpr knows the australians like his presence about as much as being in the vicinity of a cocky kiwi. no, even less. that's right, that how much! let's make this even clearer. as clear as an aussie sledge. the australians don't effing like him. all the more reason, tpr effing loves him. and...oh, the ball has gone high up in the air. there's a fielder who's getting under it...oh, never mind, it's him. it's gonna be dropped. actually, tpr hates him only a little less than tpr loves him - which is a lot of love and hate put together. enjoy him while he's still around. which won't be for very long. sniff. answer in comments.

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