Sunday, November 18, 2007

First look: Praveen Kumar

In this edition of TPR, A quick look at Praveen Kumar.

he seems like a skiddy bowler with a slightly round-arm action. could be a dangerous proposition because he can swing the ball both ways. has something about him that reminds me of agarkar. thankfully, he doesn't look as fragile as agarkar. in fact, praveen kumar looks like a strong, broad-shouldered lad who has spent long hours bowling long spells under the hot sun. not fair, lovely and delicate like you-know-who.

might praveen kumar be an all-rounder for india who can take some of the load and the pressure of irfan pathan? we'll have to wait and see. suffice it to say, if praveen kumar, the bowler, can bowl a 2/45 in 9 overs and make a good 30 to 50 runs every three or four innings he plays, he'll prove to be an invaluable addition to this side.

it' very, very early days, but so far what we have seen of praveen kumar, we like. he seems to have a good temperament, a big heart and some useful skills. most of all, we like the fact that he was able to keep salman butt quiet; something not pathan, not zak, not rp or for that matter sreesanth has been able to do in the series so far.

full marks for dhoni and the indian think tank for throwing the ball to him and making him open the bowling. and full marks to praveen kumar for not doing a steve harmison and turning out to be a nervous wreck.

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